heather klar

Always making something, Heather Klar is just as weird & curious as she was a kid. Doing creative things aimlessly with a love of sculpting and textiles especially, she fell hard for making clothes at 9 years old. After teaching herself how to sew on a broken sewing machine, she was officially hooked.

Klar lived in NYC for almost 20 years, after a short bout in London. Costumes ranging from Shakespeare Festivals, opera, musicals and over 40 plays in NY, with even a nice review from the NYT. Samplemaking at a few design houses in London & NY, notably technical designer of Imitation of Christ’s 2009 couture show at the Louvre and the cover of WWD. Happily created several of her friends’ wedding dresses, and her first gown, hand-dyed to match the flowers in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, was featured in Brides magazine. She launched her eponymous fashion line in 2009 and was featured in Sportswear International. Her Holiday at The Prism Coast collection was her first fashion collection in 10 years.

Heather also exhibited in Berlin with Capitalism by Heather Klar in 2018, an ausstellung showcasing the inevitable and rapid downfall of capitalism and it’s cruelty to all of us.

These days Heather buys too much stunning fabric and makes interesting creations & art installations when she has time. Her day job is at heatherscribes.com and her second love is cooking, though her obsession with dogs has not gone unnoticed.